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Recycling is one of the best ways to have a positive impact on the world we live in and in our daily lives.

Recycling ClothesIt is very important to understand the negative impacts when we do not recycle. Harmful chemicals and greenhouse gasses are released from all the rubbish people throw away that end up in acres of landfills. When we recycle, we eliminate a large percentage of pollution that is caused by waste. Global warming and habitat destruction are in several ways affected by this because of deforestation. Recycling clothes reduces the production for raw natural materials that will keep our forests and natural life preserved. Large amounts of energy are required when making products from raw materials. However if we recycle, less energy is consumed, which in turn helps maintain our natural resources.

There are several reasons why we should adapt recycling clothes and accessories. Clothing in general takes hundreds of years to decompose. The reality is, it is growing bigger and uglier everyday. When clothing items are not being recycled or reused it means a lot more pollution is being produced. However when we are recycling clothes, we are making a difference in conserving raw materials and natural resources. Did you know that about 99% of clothing textiles thrown out can be recycled?

We pick up your used clothing and houseware goods

Give us a call, send us an email, or fill out the online form. We pick up your donated items for free! Your donations give used items a second life and help us preserve the planet as well as give back to the West Park Foundation.